Rabu, 21 Mei 2008

Wireless Command Lines in Linux

In the opportunity this time we discussed various orders setting wireless in Linux, but not all card or PCMCIA support with orders below this:
For connecting to wireless LAN that Open or Secured by WEP (DHCP)
# iwconfig [interface] mode managed key [WEP key]
-> change interface by the name of interface you who still are active at this time, the example ath0, wlan0 or eth1. ->WEP key, put words WEP, 10 carakter hexadecimal to 64 bit and 26 carakter to 128 bit.
# iwconfig essid ESSID ->Specification SSID from some of WLAN

# dhclient [interface] -> to get IP address, netmask, DNS server and default gateway from access poin for connecting to wireless LAN that Open or Secured by WEP (IP the Manual/Static)
# iwconfig [interface] mode managed key [WEP key]
# iwconfig essid [ESSID]
# route add default gw [IP of default gateway] -> put Ip Address gateway
# echo nameserver [IP address of DNS server] > > /etc/resolve.conf, configure AP ->configure your DNS server
# ping www.detik.com ->ping to the internet for the test connection
# iwconfig [interface] mode master ->Make the PCMCIA card in mode access point
# iwconfig [interface] mode managed -> made your PCMCIA card in mode client in the network of wifi infrastructure
# iwconfig [interface] mode ad-hoc ->to set your card as the member in the network wifi ad hoc without access point # # iwconfig [interface] mode the monitor ->to set your card in mode monitor
# iwconfig [interface] "essid your ssid here" ->to configure your network ssid.
# iwconfig [interface] key 1111-1111-1111-1111 (skinned the key to WEP 128bit)
# iwconfig [interface] key 11111111 (skinned the WEP key 65 bit)
# iwconfig [interface] key off (deactivated the WEP key)
# iwconfig [interface] key open (set as open mode, was not needed autentication)
# iwconfig [interface] channel [channel no.] (set one channel 1-14)
# iwconfig [interface] channel the car (chose channel automatic)
# iwconfig [interface] freq 2.422G (menset channel in GHz)

# iwconfig [interface] AP 11:11:11:11:11:11 (forced the card to register to the AP address)
# iwconfig [interface] rate 11M (the card will use the certain speed)
# iwconfig [interface] rate auto (chose the automatic speed)
# iwconfig [interface] rate auto 5.5M (the card will use the certain speed and the speed beneath it if indeed was needed)
Command ifconfig
# ifconfig [interface] up (activated the network card)
# ifconfig [interface] down (deactivated the network card)
# ifconfig [interface] [IP address] netmask [sub-net-mask] (set IP address and the sub-net mask scr the manual)
# ifconfig [interface] hw ether [MAC] (change MAC address of the PCMCIA card in the format 11:11:11:11:11:11)